Points of Origin

Growing up I took a fair amount of family trips. We went almost annually to Toronto and Rochester/Minneapolis, primarily to visit Toronto sick kids and the Mayo Clinic, but they always made it a fun visit with a trip to the Mall of America (where I was always too short for the roller-coaster). I remember visiting Niagara Falls which was quite beautiful and visiting friends in London, Ontario. We regularly visited family in Winnipeg with one of my favourite stops being the brunch at the Fort Garry. In elementary school we took a trip to Vancouver when dad had a business trip, we visited one of his friends who showed us around and took a day trip out to the island. In March of ’08(?), We went to Orlando and had my first trip to Disney World. One of my highlights was when my dad tricked my mom (who hates rollercoasters!) into going on space mountain and when we got off the ride I looked at her and said: “mom you look blown apart!” Meanwhile, my sister who loves roller-coasters got to ride at the very front loving every minute of it. In ’13 my Cadet Squadron took a Civic Tour of Montreal, complete with a visit to a maple farm (this is also where I learned not to run two people on a treadmill, I still have the scar on my shoulder to show for it). My main trips in high school were for the Ontario Provincial Games where I competed for Shooting (winning bronze in the winter games of ’06). In Sept ’08 I moved to Lethbridge and started University.


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