The Road So Far

The more I research the more I wonder how I’ll fit it all in. At this rate, I’m booked into my mid-thirties. I’ve been busy planning both long term and short term travel plans. While I truly have a passion for Europe and all its history I have become almost desperate to hike to different ends of the world and have a whole other kind of experience. In some ways I fear I’m romanticizing the notion (which I very well may be) but should I let that stop me? For now, I’ll say no. I’ll never know for certain until I actually go about doing it. I’ve been reading every book and blog I can get my hands on (which is eating up almost all of my spending budget). Today alone I was killing some time wandering around chapters and ended up leaving with 4 new books (and a new magazine which I’m excited to read: Backpacker). It’s actually started to interfere with school because I’m too anxious to read my new books that I’d rather research trips instead of the Midland Riots of 1607 (but who wouldn’t? unless it’s you then all the best).

As it stands I still intend to go to the UK on a working holiday visa this summer. Although I do have concerns about how to balance work and travelling some of the things I want to do and places I want to go will take a significant chunk of time (aka more than a quick weekend or extended holiday) away from work. while I am in no way expecting a career level job while I’m over there I don’t know how well it would go over to book so much time off, or,  just work while between trips. If that were a legitimate option we’d all be doing it.

Some of the other things I’d like to do while I’m in the UK is to see more of Eastern Europe. I’d also love to see Petra in Jordan. I also pose to challenge myself to hike the South West Coast Path and to reach Everest’s base camp. One of my close friends from during my masters is Norwegian and she showed my around where she’s from while I was backpacking. And I must wholehearted say it was beyond anything I could have hoped. So I would very much like to go back and see more. I also fell in love with Iceland on that same backpacking trip. I didn’t even plan on going until I was researching flights home to Canada from Lisbon, most of which had a layover in Iceland. After some research, I extended my trip and spent four days exploring. A couple of my friends from Uleth are going to be spending a month in Iceland this may (which has made me insanely jealous) and has motivated me to go back and see the rest (which to be honest really didn’t require much motivation at all. seriously, if you’ve never considered Iceland before you really should). 

Plus all the places in and around the UK that I have always wanted to visit. 

The current challenge is to save enough money before I go so that what I earn working in the UK can cover cost of living, leaving my savings for travel. It is certainly an adjustment but my mantra is: will this purchase benefit travelling? Can I take it with me? If it leaves it as just: do I need this? My mind will rationalize that at this moment yes I do need (ok, want) this. So I need to constantly remind myself why I am denying myself these things and of my goal!


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