First Steps Forward

It may not be apparent unless you actually know me but I did manage to take those terrifying steps forward and talked to my boss about this exciting opportunity to apply for a working holiday visa in the United kingdom. After that, there was no going back. although he said I would always have a place there I knew I couldn’t change my mind without having to qualify why to each and every person. It was real now. Now all the research I had done needed to be put into action. I joined SWAP/Britbound and began filling in all their documents and gathering all the papers. Including the 4 versions of a bank letter they made me get until everything was exactly as they wanted it (despite the UK govt page not requiring any of these details). This also meant I had a trip to Toronto ahead of me for a visa processing and biometric registration appointment. A bonus, however, is that I have two good friends in the Toronto area and I would get to visit them. This did require a day off work, however, once again my boss was really supportive and gave me the day off.

Back in 2012 when I had my student visa process I had my mom by my side and we were in and out of Toronto in one day (When working two jobs it gets hard to coordinate extended time off). On that visit, the office was easy to locate, this time I walked past the address three times (knowing I was in the right spot but couldn’t figure out how to get in). eventually, I made it through and I got to spend the rest of the day a the ROM with my friend. all that was left to do was wait.

And one small another thing. I also decided to hike the Camino de Santiago during my first month back in Europe.  so while I anxiously waited for the result of my visa application I began to plan plot and devise my route across sprain. simultaneously saving all the money I could while acquiring all the right gear. (remember my earlier comment about planning two trips at the same time?) I also tried to cram in all the camping I could do with my cousins, enjoying the last bit of Canada  (and I suppose their company) I could before heading out.



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