I’m Going on an Adventure

I did get my visa and I got all the right although you can never save enough money. I coordinated with my friend Helen from Uni in Kingston and I would spend my first weekend back in the UK at her place before heading to France to begin the Camino de Santiago.

The rest of my summer consisted of two jobs (yay money) packing and shopping (who knew gear could be so addictive?) and coaching the juniors who I would miss so much. I did a trial run of hiking 30 kilometres to my dad’s cabin although I only made is roughly 26km. this is because I blew a blister was too much of a baby to even look at it until I got home (not a good start).

All my packing skills failed me the night before I was meant to fly out. Turns out it is actually really hard to pack your life plus your hiking gear into one bag. Queue mental break down in my dining room. But my sister came to my rescue and savagely judged everything I had packed and in the end everything made it onto the plane.

What didn’t help was the complete and utter destruction of the value of the Canadian dollar. I essentially watched the value of all the money I had worked too hard to save deplete in value against the UK Pound.

But with my possessions packed, my car sold, and the rest of life in an explosive mess in my childhood home I said goodbye to my dad at the airport and began my journey back the UK.

That was stage one anyway. I only had a few days to reunite with Helen, attend my induction with Britbound (the UK partner company of SWAP, the much better side) and, deep breaths, prepare for the Camino.



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