Oh, the Places You’ll Go

August 31st

Pack weight 12kg

Pack weight 12kg

So after a ‘mild’ panic thinking I’d lost my hydration pack and making plans to go buy a new one on the way to the airport on a bank holiday I found my original much to my relief resulting in my hugging of an inanimate object, but crisis averted. the journey tot he airport was relatively uneventful other than very narrow train connection times arrived at the airport with plenty of time for browsing. I almost purchased a guidebook for central and eastern Europe before realizing I cannot carry that with me (note to self by later) and I really should break the habit of planning a trip before I’ve finished the first left alone started. after a delay and a nap on the place we arrive in rainy Biarritz, grabbed my bag and headed to the bus to go to Bayonne where I am spending the night.

I met a lovely couple from Australia at the bus stop who are also doing the walk and coincidently staying at the same hotel (hotel de gare). the room turned out to be quite charming and even has a private bathroom which will prove to be quite a luxury in the coming month, still trying to figure out exact (or even estimate) train times to St Jean Pied de Port in the AM. I will stop at the tourism office once there pick up my credential sand hopefully, have a short day walk so that the remaining walk to Roncesvalles isn’t too daunting but the will depend on time and accommodation availability. Hunto or Orrison are my preference but chances are already booked so will bust out the guide books to check fro other options. from here on out there are no set plans.

Upon further research, it appears the first train out in the AM isn’t until 11 which is a bummer. they also have different schedules each day of the week and apparently Tuesdays suck doubt ill get any walking in tomorrow which isn’t a total loss as long as I find cheap accommodation.

I was also ‘that’ idiot who wore new shoes on the plan over from Canada so naturally I had blisters before i even left Canada and may have walked around the airport socks (yes, even in the fancy lounge)  and then resorted to dad at a bbq standards by immediately switching to my sandals upon getting my bag in London which I rocked all the way to seven oaks.

As I planned for the walk I picked up the much read about compeed blister treatment given my lack of foresight I had the opportunity to try these bad boys out pre-walk and now I just take a second to sing their praises. so needless to say I stocked up hardL I fear the day I run out.

so 2 AM and I am still awake, may be that plane nap wasn’t a good idea or maybe my brain just needs to chill out. we are having quite a bit of rain and some thunder and lightning. I decided to reserve a room at La Coquille Napolean just outside of st jean for tomorrow night. although I am prepared to hike in the rain that is not what I had in mind for the first day out especially with no guarantee for accommodation in Hunto or Orrison.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?



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