-“The Restless race of the travellers heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; a ‘travel fever’ that can manifest as an illness.”

September 1st

after a horrible night sleep, I wake up at seven tired as well get myself ready but still had hours to wait. luckily I managed an hour or so sleep headed to the train station around 10 and got my ticket. spent the net hour people watching as the various other pilgrims arrived this would be an interesting case study for an anthropologist. at 11 the smallest train I’ve ever seen comprised f only 1 compartment arrives. we all piled on and off we went to Camboles Bains where we made a dash in the rain to get off the train load our bags and get on the bus to st jean (the train lines were under repair). I met Maja from Denmark, we then made our way to the pilgrim’s office which was closed for lunch so we sat on the steps and waited while everyone else crowded the door. here I picked up my credentials and got my first stamp. I also got a shell to carry on my journey. Maja and I parted ways although we kept passing each other on the streets.

I bought a Camino buff which I couldn’t resist along with a metal water bottle with key chain. thanks to google maps I found my Refugio with no issue but can we talk about that walk for a second. the entire way here Maja and I speculated on the upcoming climb and severity of the incline. well until I started looking for my Refugio I had no idea what I was in for but if tomorrow is anything like the climb here I am in for a hell of a day tomorrow. I predict crying and wanting to give up. unfortunately, there is no turning around and if I can it through one of the hardest days to Roncesvalles than quitting would be a waste.

I’d prefer to break the trek into two days but Orison is completely booked too many people had the same idea but planned ahead. I’m currently at my Refugio (yay I survived part of the climb) which apparently had a tornado the other day. sadly because there are no resupply areas tomorrow I need to head back down to st jean and get provisions (FOOD!!) for tomorrow and tonight and then somehow force myself to climb all the way back up here (taxi anyone?) oh and find an atm since it will be mainly cash from now on.

Food acquired. (since when is bread heavy?) anyway, it is a good intake of carbs and goes well with meat and cheese. I also picked up snickers pistachios and an apple (breakfast of champions). had a bit of a pain when I tried to withdraw money and was denied at two machines before realizing that it was trying to withdraw from my chequing while my money is in my savings so internet connection and a transfer later I am all set.

Walking back up that hill to the Refugio really made me rethink taking the napoleon route. while id love to see the views and reach the peak it is forecasting thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon which doesn’t seem practical so iv decided to take the Roncevaux par Valcarlos which was Charlemagne route so not a total loss. I also stand more of a chance of reaching Roncesvalles tomorrow rather than needing to take a break and die halfway.

I’m all settled into my Refugio had a shower (cold) and am reorganizing my bag for better access during the day tomorrow, need to reassess my tech since it is currently taking a disproportionate amount of space given its actual lack of necessity. phone and iPod needed. Camera x2?? well, see what 1 can do. Yay, it all fits in a Ziploc bag (seriously loving the guy that invented those) will mail dry deal bag and two extra bags back to Helen’s from Roncesvalles provided the post office is open when I’m there but I am much happier about my bag. now I can easily fit my food for tomorrow. still worried about weight especially with water. my new rate is supposed to route is supposed to have more water access so I might night fill it full.

Note to self: put sunscreen in brain of bag tomorrow

Spent a lovely evening meeting my roommates for the night discussing our plans for walking even though all are taking the napoleon route I don’t think I will be.

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