Forging On

September 11th

I got to sleep early last night and despite being down to 1 earplug I had a great sleep and was on the road around 615. the run seems to come out earlier and earlier and after yesterday’s cloud cover today was quite warm. we had several towns to go through today which broke up the day nicely. but again the final town seemed to take forever. we are approaching the Meseta so shade is a rare privilege. I did learn to take less water and just fill up along the way which immensely lightened by weight and I still didn’t need to refill it although I have to try packing it inside since the sun makes it warm which isn’t too appealing later int he day.

tomorrow looks like a challenge with a lot of elevation and a few rooms available. I think I might send my bag ahead tomorrow so I can make better time also to relieve my knee which is now hurting under the knee cap, my left foot ball joint hasn’t been too comfortable either but all in all nothing major plus Burgos is so close which marks 1/3 being complete. as of today in Belorado, I have 540km t go according to the guide.

we went for a walk through town and stopped at Alison’s Refugio which has a pool and grassy backyard had a lovely chat and rest before heading back to my place for dinner which was served extremely slow so I will not be in bed early tonight. but I will have my bag sent on to make tomorrow easier and beds are few. if San Juan and Ages are full I’m pretty sure I’ll end up on a bus to Burgos.

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