Fools Rush In

September 12th

Started the am to a bit of a scramble nothing seemed to want to pack. I sent my bag in to give my knee a break but I wasn’t entirely certain if the receptionist would get it sent on. I made a good time and walked for a bit with the Canadian group and passed the Irish several times so the morning was a good laugh, we had plenty of villages to start so time went well. my knee started acting up on the ascent after the last village on this section I met up with Thomas and a german girl so we chatted till we reached the first summit which passed time really well. after a bit of a break, I started off to get a head start on the next hill.

We passed through a herd of cows which was so freaking cool!

Thomas caught up shortly and despite my slow pace walked and talked with me and listen to my pain. apparently compensating for my right knee injured my left ankle. so I shuffled and swore the rest of the way into San Juan where my gas was. After waiting to get my bag I guess I underestimated my ankle and decided to continue to Ages with Thomas which wasn’t too awful. When Ages turned out to be full we had to move onto Atapuerta but Thomas went ahead to check for beds whileIi painfully made my way. I spent a fair portion of the day arguing with myself whether or no tot ake bus to Burgos tonight and I was at that moment ready to grab a bus right then and there but at the entrance to town Thomas came out to say there are beds so after a shower and sitting chatting with Thomas Britany and Lane it started feeling better. We went for supper and had hand made pizza before heading back and telling Thomas all about bagged milk which is such a foreign concept to anyone who didn’t grow up with it.

I booked a hotel for tomorrow in Burgos so looking forward to privacy and relaxing most of tomorrow. I’m tempted to book a second night for the sleep in and for my ankle but ill play it by ear when I get in tomorrow and how it all goes. we are 6km ahead of schedule for tomorrow so I should get in fairly early. I want to check out the cathedral and museum which should still be open despite being Sunday. which may be worth staying for an extra if they are closed. Our bunks have their own plug ins so I’m excited to read before bed without worrying about battery life. Outside our window is a couple with a ukelele and singing which is kinda nice but will get annoying real quick when I try to sleep.

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