Going the Distance

September 9th

Today was not a good day.

I was mentally not up to the day which meant I physically wasn’t prepared. I came very close to fun out sobbing on the trail this morning. especially after everyone gave so much support on FB. my right knew has been getting painful each time I step off it so I messaged Kevin and asked. he thinks it’s from the descents and might have overextended and should do more dynamic stretches in the morning which I will gladly do.

I made it to Najera in time to get a bed I could bare to be sent on. tomorrow is 20km to Santa Domingo but our receptionist is trying to reserve a bed because so few are available but I will still get up early because so it is a big annoyance when you work hard all morning to get somewhere only to find out all the beds are reserved.

This place has a washer and dryer so I am sitting in my pj shorts and jacket washing EVERYTHING. I still need to go out and find chapstick as my lips have gotten worse again. my bag was a bit better today after mailing stuff but my sleeping bag and water are causing a lot of unavoidable weight. I think tonight I will grab a snack charge my electronics and read till sleep time. that sounds wonderful

Jess has been a great pen pal telling me places to check out along eh way but I miss having someone to hang out with each afternoon. which I think is what mentally draining. everyone is so nice but it still feels a bit isolated.

had a lovely dinner group at the Refugio chatting with Alison and others while they drink plenty of wine. doubt ill be asleep before 10 as planned but we have a room reserved at Casa de Santo tomorrow so iI can take my time tomorrow which may be bad when I try to get out of bed at 6 am

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