Just Keep Swimming

September 6th

Today started out with my bunk mate waking up at 5 am and proceeding to go through her stuff and pack. she is elderly and has only joined the Camino in Pamplona, clearly missing all the adjustment period. so Jess and I were rather displeased at 6 when we dragged ourselves out of bed. Jess headed out before me, I think intending to reach villa major today. I  set out thinking I could make it there too.

The morning was filled with intense up and downs that were rather tiring including a few detours which deemed to be only for the sake of going over a medieval bridge. one village was built on the top of a hill rather steep and could have been avoided but it has a nice character and turned out alright, in the end. once the sun was up it was quite hot and as the guide warned there was no shade for the duration of the day. given that my hydration pack is on my back it warned my water rather quickly. The last village to Estella seemed to take forever although being a rather short distance.

Once in Estella, I sat in the park with the intention of resting and consulting the guide book before attempting villa major up a peak. once I sat I realized I was tired and that no longer seemed a realistic goal. so I quickly got up to find a bed before they filled up. I found one at the municipal Refugio on my second top bunk of the trip. thankfully it has a ladder or it could have gotten real awkward.

I spent the afternoon exploring the various churches and streets. the town has tons to see which was another motivating factor to stay. because its Sunday almost everything was closed today including churches and museums (or had closed early).


Still no post office but ill try looking in one of the towns we pass through during the day if not it looks like Logrono is my best bet. It’s also a long day (30km) to Logrono so who knows when ill get in or when its open. I might just have to get a late start one day sadly. but I should do it soon. people have commented on my bag that they’ve passed during the day! I really need to get these postcards mailed (or even written)

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