Mail Drop

September 8th

Somehow every person near me snored so I woke up at 11 and shoved in earplugs. Woke up at 5 but got up at 530 and was out at 6 I left my bag for pick up and set off.

I made really good time and didn’t get so tired I was able to rest more often but I didn’t need to after Viana where I sat to have an apple. It was 1130 so I took my time through the heat to Logrono and got lost once in the city and the first Refugio I stopped at was full so now I’m a church Refugio which has dinner but will be going to a mass tonight.

Once at the Refugio, I tried to find a post office and was given awful information before googling and running to the post office before showering before it closed (sorry to all other patrons in that line). I had a lot of issues explaining where I wanted it sent but another gentleman helped translate.

I did 30km in the time I do 20km today yet doing mail almost broke me.

I went to the bar with some people from the Refugio and had red wine which is gross but we did have an indeoth convo on politics and religion (so it was required)

Spent the afternoon chatting and resting. dinner here is late (815) which is unfortunate. We have no idea when mass is or when we can get our credentials stamped. I am hoping to be asleep by 10. I originally thought I’d split the next 3 stages differently but I am still going to try for Navarrete tomorrow. Slow and steady. Just hope there is room (as usual). hopefully some people stopped at Viana which would give me a head start tomorrow but I think  Logrono has alot of people as well. Dinner was served by the parish not really sure what I ate. It wasn’t awful but who can complain. We took a passage to the church next door for a quick service and our credentials stamped and I am now ready for bed.

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