Running of the Pilgrims

Today started in darkness. I was still stiff from yesterday but moving seemed to help. the start of the trail was a bit steep uphill for 630 am but once it leveled it was quite enjoyable with lazy up and down hills. I passed the first two villages with relative ease they threw a big uphill at us which I swear was just for the view. halfway through the day, I reached the beginning of the city so the next 10km would be on pavement and through city traffic which although flat was more exhausting having to watch people and cars and traffic lights. it seemed to take forever. the city was not what I was expecting aside from a few historic buildings or interesting architecture I didn’t see it as a tourist attraction other than the running of the bulls.

The last stretch to Cizor Menor was hot and uphill but I’m so happy it was done today and not tomorrow. that would have been an awful morning start. on the way to the market aka corner store I caught a glimpse of the view we will have tomorrow. as long as we have some light wich I doubt, this morning I had a twinge in my leg which made me stop dead and then paranoid the next few km. I couldn’t handle going home this early. I don’t know if I could ever convince myself to come do this again

At the Refugio, I met up with a bunch of the people from last night and some new ones. nice facilities and a washer!! currently waiting for mine to finish and put out on the line. I really hope they dry as I’m wearing my rain coat and would have nothing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to b rough we have a steep hill midday with a very sharp descent which I am not looking forward to and predict a long slow day but Puente de la Reine is supposed to have plenty of beds so booking ahead should be required.

Laundry was done and hung to dry so I walked around in my rain jacket and shorts. around 430 I realized I hadn’t picked up any Pamplona postcards. since there are none in Cizor Menor I asked Jessica if she was still going to town. she almost talked herself out of it but within 5 min a change into damp clothes and some food later we were on a bus tot own. we stopped at the cathedral to explore the site, while on the top floor of the bell tower (sore legs!) the lights turned out so we rant eh whole way down hoping not to be locked in. After fumbling to find the handle we got out laughing at the thought of spending the night in the tower and got some weird looks from a priest. We ran into the Australians from day 1 and had a lovely chat and ran into Steffy. I wish I’d got the Australians contacts.

We passed the Plaza de Toros on the way back to the bus and met up with the FLanagans from St Jean. I found postcards pens and even rubber tops for my poles to hopefully muffle the clicking for everyone. I’m sure I’ll lose them very soon.

Still need a post office to send stuff back. essentially since m bag isn’t sitting right (too low on my back) and is causing a lot of chafing and tender spots on my waist and back. iv used gauze and tape to help stop it tomorrow but who knows if it will help at all. if it starts to cause real problems I may have to send it ahead on hard days or consider a new bag in the next major city.

We returned from Pamplona the Cizor Menor festival was happening and we witnessed a singer with backup dancers complete with sequins and tassels and from the Refugio heard a Spanish rendition of ‘let it go’ from frozen.

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