Surviving the Road

September 3rd

Got an early start today. low lying clouds made for some very dense fog and everything was wet with almost no visibility. I used my poles like a blind man feeling my way through the trail. an hour in at the next village the sky lightened although still wet I made it through the first two villages relatively quick before Steffy and Max caught up to me from our bunk. the first hill was rather steep but short so over quickly yet still took me a while.

I met the germans at the next village where he had bought me a coffee which I couldn’t refuse so I had my first cup of coffee. it was revolting. We started off together for a few km until we hit the next hill which was much longer. we parted ways and I spent the up the hill with a gentleman from Australia motivating each other and taking our time. Once we reached the peak the germans were resting

Once we reached the peak the germans were resting so I joined to take my bag off. After a good stretch, I continued on the last stretch down to Zubiri which went really quick and I was still motivated and went on to Larrasoana. Also motivated by the lack of beds and mass of people arriving. I have a bed with a FANTASTIC shower I think I will have a great sleep. spending the evening outside with other pilgrims having a lovely evening sharing stories.

i think I will aim for Cizor Menor tomorrow which is 2 km past Pamplona which I will briefly visit. Still worried about securing accommodation. I’ve attempted to make a reservation via email but still need a response. they are reserving me a bed until 4 pm tomorrow so that sets me a goal. I did 28km today by 4 pm so as long as keep moving I will be alright. I plan to visit Pamplona properly another time so I don’t mind walking through and taking a few pictures as I pass the major sites. My main relief is having a secure bed with some motivation to move quickly as I don’t want to fall behind and miss out.

Feeling quite a bit stiffer tonight hopefully all better by am. Planning to wake up at 6 and on road by 630.

I was on the top bunk with so little space before the ceiling. We took bets on waking up and cracking my head!

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