Take Me Anywhere


This morning started out rough with a death trap hill comprised of haphazard rocks jutting out everywhere up the hill with no path and at times a wide field of rock to clear no light and no direction. the wind was really cold but once we reached the peak we could see Burgos which seemed exciting at the time.

Britanny and Lane caught up with me at the top and I tagged along after them and took the scenic option route with them which was really enjoyable until we couldn’t figure out how to rejoin the proper route. we may have added some extra distance. we missed all the towns and chances for rest. once we joined back with the route they went ahead and I clambered along in pain. I’ve got pressure points now on my left foot which are completely not enjoyable and my toes hurt.

I was completely miserable by the time I reached Burgos so couldn’t enjoy the scenic river route I took. I arrived at my hotel at noon which made yesterday’s extra km worth it and thankfully they let me check in early. they had an elevator which is great since I am on the top floor. I’m very excited about my room it is small but the bed is comfy and I even have a bath tub wich is the first thing I did when I got in. the heat felt great. I got dressed and went to the cathedral and then grabbed food, ran into Steffy who is on rest days (doctors orders).

I came back to my room and video called mom before heading out to the museum of human evolution which had English interpretation and was really interesting it had a full exhibit with fossils from Atapuerta. ran into Brittany and lane for a second time in town before seeing Steffy again and laura who just got into town. I’ve got back to my room to journal, rest and I think I might go back out for a burger before having another bath before bed. because why not!

I’m struggling with wanting to spend another day here although I know I’d have nothing to do tomorrow during the day. I just like the concept of sleeping in and enjoying privacy a bit longer. I may sleep in to get a lazy start since tomorrow’s stage isn’t long but ill have to check room availability. We are now 1/3 done with 440 km to go and we start the Meseta portion tomorrow so some days I might be able to get a few extra km in depending on pain and motivation. I really needed today to be a normal person. I could feel myself wearing down and felt all I could do was complain which is awful for the people around me.

“life is either a daring adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller

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