Up, Up, and Away

September 5th

My alarm didn’t go off so my morning was a bit stressed about getting my stuff ready and out on time. I got ready and walking by 640, and ate an apple on the way out of Cizor Menor. we started the day climbing at first gradual then we hit some steep bits which were mixed with flat parts so it was bearable. I reached the peak well before I expected to which was a nice surprise. I got my picture taken with the monument. the climb and descent were hard because it was loose rock and very difficult to gain proper footing a few times I feared rolling my ankle but finally we were down the steep hill and into villages which passed the distance really quickly and I made a good time getting into Puente la Reine. Jessica said she was going to stop at the Refugio past the town I pushed on and forced y way up the hill. worth the place it’s a nice place and most people I’ve met on the way are here. talking to reception about mail apparently most close fairly early so no chance of sending anything back soon.

Jessica and I walked back into the town and visited the churches as well as market before daring to do the hill back again. the afternoon is resting before dinner this evening at the Refugio. hoping to get to bed early for some extra rest. most people who stayed iPamplonana have caught up to us so there will be a larger group starting in the am. I have not read the guide yet to see all of what tomorrow has in store for us. I think we have covered 100km so far so a nice dent in 4 days.

We had dinner which was so filling I thought I’d fall into a food coma at the table. I meant to have an early night but Jessica convinced me to come socialize outside which was great although I stayed too long and am now up till 10 again. setting alarm with jess for 6 to be on the road for 630. we are in divided sectors here but open doors so if one person snores we will all hear it. I’ve kept ear plus handy and iPod charged but I think I’ll be tired enough.

I relly need to look into a new bag as my waist stomach and back are getting quite painful. It would be good to get a much smaller bag and minimize my gear but that also requires a post office to be open during the afternoon/evening.

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