Walk This Way

September 7th

My bottom bunk mate had a raspy coughing fit before bed which was fearful thinking I’d listen to that all night but crisis averted. Around 5 am people started waking up and getting out of the room but I waiting until 6 to get up. When I came downstairs before 630 most were still there making breakfast so I got started with my apple. We went through several towns early this am before anyone was up. all morning everyone asked me about a post office. it seems everyone knows I’m looking for one. but sadly there hasn’t been any. I’m hoping Logrono has but I am not looking forward to carrying my bag 30km. I reached villa mayor today relatively easily which was a pleasant surprise but the remainder of the day passed slowly with no shade or rest points.

Los Arcos was hidden behind a few hills so was not visible until we were right here which made the afternoon discouraging. After reaching the town I raced for a room and came back to explore. I saw Max on my way in but I have not seen him since. I ate lunch with the Tony from Australia who I met on day 2 and ran into Steffy who was walking barefoot due to a swollen ankle. in talking with Tony I’ve decided I’ll look into sending my bag forward tomorrow to Logrono so my side ca have a break and I can move faster to beat the hot sun. I will also try to leave early. Also hoping the post will actually be open.

I spoke with the owner of the hostel there is a service which will bring my bag to Logrono for 5 Euro which is great and apparently the post office is open all day and a cheaper postal option is to mail it to myself in Santiago so I don’t have international fees. I am pulling out all the unnecessary stuff and the weight is adding up quickly so I am feeling better already!

Note to self – get new chapstick or moisturizer.

Afternoons are difficult because people are wanting to nap post arrival and lunch while I want to sort and pack which doesn’t mix. I met Stephanie and Sasha, a mother and daughter from Australia, and Thomas from the USA in the room.

Bags drop off starts at 6 so I am to be up for 530/45 to drop my bag off and head out.  I might be able to fit whats left of clothing and sleeping bag into the same compression sack which will be ready handly and I’ve fit all toiletries and first aid into 1 stuff sack.

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