All is Not Lost

Really didn’t want to get up this am. my bed was comfy, I was warm and I was trying to prepare for a cold day. I got up all dressed up planning for a cold day. Only to get on the trail to no wind and thick fog. So warmth was good against the damp but eventually I just felt gross.

I got confused on distances this am and I thought I had only gone 5 km but checked the map to learn I was almost 10 km in so that was a relief. we had a break at the mobile cafe with Sasha (her moms ankle was too bad to walk) Maud and Christian before heading out for the long stretch to the next town. We had a brief break and walked on just before the last town a man has fallen and cut his head. A group of people had stopped to help translate, a paramedic and a nurse while waiting for an ambulance. I couldn’t help and was only in the way so I moved on.

As I got to the end of the stage at Terradillos de los Templarios the whole town and the next were full. Beth Staci and I got a taxi with everyone’s bags. Joey and Abby walked the next 12 km for many hours arriving just before 6 to Sahagun.

I feel guilty about not walking but my feet were done and I couldn’t survive another 12 km after 27 km it was almost sad how fast it passed in the car. I now have 3 short days to go before reaching Leon on Monday where I will stay until Wednesday.

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