And It Goes On and On

September 17th

Today was a short day and actually went quickly. I got a late start leaving at 7 but we had a town every 5 km so it breezed past. The mornings are getting harder to get out of bed, can’t wait to sleep in in Leon.

Joey Caught u to me in the last 5 km to Carrion de los Condes which made it go by quicker plus he was carrying ibuprofen which was very much required. The last 5 km always drags. it looks like we are in a larger town so I will go explore soon. I have food so I don’t need to eat out tonight which take along time and we only get back right before bed time.

I carried my phone today in rice and tried it when I got here. It still screeched but it turn on it is still a  little slow. But I can work with that. I responded to mom and turned it back off and put it in rice again for the rest of the afternoon. I figure I can get tape or something to muffle the noise so I can still use it. I just need it to last the rest of the trip. Such a relief even if it’ll only do basic functions.

I went for a walk around town and stopped by the other convent (I’m staying alone tonight) and saw a bunch of people I know. found Sasha’s stuff but not them. I also found the supermarket and tied to eat but wasn’t very hungry. I tried my phone again and I need to amend my previous excitement. It turns on but this still glitching so I can’t do much with it yet. Back in the rice it does. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Don’t want to get my hopes up again in case it doesn’t actually work.

Since I don’t really know anyone in this Convent it’s pretty boring without anything to do and at siesta time nothing is open. Maybe I’ll visit the other place and see what people are up to because everyone is napping here so sitting is awkward.

Found Sasha took her to the supermarket before hanging out at her convent. She let me use her phone and we looked at the day ahead. Very little accommodation in the next town and may all be booked since they are private Albergue but we have a semi plan if its full. She went for a nap and I ran into Liza and Thomas so we went for a walk but I forgot to tell Thomas the weird German guy is here.

Phone is still glitchy but getting better will leave in rice again tonight and tomorrow it seems to be helping. Turns out it’s raining again, good thing I brought in the clothes I had drying. Socks are still wet but at this point when arn’t they.

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