House of Light

September 21st

Tried to have a little lie in this am since there was no rush but by 20 after 6 I was done waiting and I was on the road by 7. Alot of people stayed in bed or waited till after breakfast which wasn’t till 8 to leave. To me that defeats the purposes of having gone further to get into Leon early especially because they were only staying the one day but to each there own. I got into Leon at 930 and went to My hotel Conde Luna hoping to drop my bag off but they had a room so I checked in. After a bit of a rest I went to the cathedral and its cloister and museum and then followed the Camino to the Panteon and real colegiata de san isidro.

In the elevator leaving i noticed they had a gym and before I realized it I was thinking I should go to the gym since I have a  day off.  Before realizing EVERYDAY is leg day.

I also went to the tourists office to get a list of things to do while I’m here so loads more to check out tomorrow. I didn’t want to rush through it all today (which I might have been able to do) and have nothing left for tomorrow. I came back to my hotel and had a nice hot shower and bath moisturized my sunburnt legs (from lying at the river yesterday) and my feet which were starting to look bad (never mind the sock and sandal lines). After siesta I went out and found a gear store and tried a few osprey bags which felt so much better and settled on one under 1 kg so I’m excited to pack it up and I couldn’t have one at a better time.

I tried to see if I could make up the day I’m taking off but we have some tough terrain coming up and I don’t think I can push further on most stage but I will still get to Santiago and I’ll have a chance to meet new people who are one stage behind.

I wanted to write this sitting at the cathedral plaza but I misplaced my pen so I went to the pilgrims mass which was very confusing all in Spanish alot of standing and sitting some people kneeling. I haven’t been to a service (other than Logrono) in 8 years so I have no point of reference I feel like I should be rushing to bed but I don’t have to get up tomorrow and nothing is open till 10 so I might ignore bed time and stay up late.

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