Miles Before I Sleep

September 20th

I started the morning with a clear sky and an amazing view of the milky way it was an awesome start to the day and although I spent alot of it looking up I couldn’t get off path since we follow the milky way. I made good time at the start of the day and even into Mansilla but as usual after 20km my foot had had enough. I also saw very few people today which was weird so I was simply getting bored. But I shuffled along with a bunch of breaks to Villarenta putting me 13 km from Leon tomorrow which works out great.

We are in a smaller town on a Sunday so most everything is closed. I got in early enough I got to a tienda before close. Since we arn’t at an end stage either there isn’t much to look at. We are close to a river which I may go to later.

There are a ton of strays near when I am sitting which is quite distracting. The amount of flies in Spain is starting to get really annoying as soon as you stop moving your covered and sometimes while you’re still moving. But I will be in Leon tomorrow and pamper myself and be human for almost 2 days. Emmie, Roisin and I hung out by the river and I ate dinner a the hostel with the brits and Thomas before an early bed time.

“But I have promises to keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, / And miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

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