Muddling Through

September 14th

Tough morning. I have absolutely no motivation to walk knowing the end of the stage doesn’t have enough beds and I cant go the extra 10 km. My legs hurt too much but can’t force a rest day since more people will just keep coming. Talked to mom, cried, and am now packing way behind schedule. Not helping.

I’m just mentally done and it sucks because everyone at home is asleep while I’m walking so I can’t talk it out. Mom was genius and woke up a few times during the night to talk to me which really helped and meant the world to me.

As usual, the morning went quickly it took awhile to get out of Burgos and the suburbs. I passed the Canadians at their Albergue. Turns out there was a fire alarm in the early am from someone microwaving toast which evacuated the 140-bed place and made them wait an hour so a fair few got going early which was discouraging but I kept going figuring I’d get a bus or taxi forward if necessary after the last town.

The walk seemed to go forever and I felt drained my foot and knee was fine through town but once on the rocky path each step was a chore making sure nothing pulled or moved where it didn’t want to. But I finally made it to Hornillos Del Camino and as suspected the privates were full but I ran into George the Canadian who pointed me to the municipal which still had beds to my greatest relief.

I showered and napped which was a tremendous help before waking up freezing cold (the Meseta is all wind) so I wore both jackets pants and shorts before joining everyone else outside. I had dinner with Sasha and her mom which was so filling. Now I’m waiting for my phone to charge so I can read myself to sleep. An early bed is in order I think.

Most of the day’s struggle is mental which I suspect is because I’m tired although I sleep 8 hours each night. I wake up a few times and I’m sure it’s not the best quality. I did look at the next few days and we should be in Leon in 7 days so I think I will get another private room then. The Meseta doesn’t look like it poses a physical challenge as the first 1/3 did but it will be a mental push. I fought back tears all afternoon but I’m sure ill break soon. It was motivating to see Leon so close but we have a ways to go to get there. Most days are 20 km so, theoretically, I could do a couple 30’s and go faster but it will depend on location of towns and albergues as well as my own motivation.

I didn’t have an opportunity to look for a new bag in Burgos because it was Sunday but I should be in Leon early next week and that would be my last opportunity to get on or send anything forward. Debating sending pants and long sleeve but at this point is there any benefit. I sense tonight having snorers. I’ll have to use my earphones as I have not replaced my lost earplugs yet most people in my room are resting early so maybe they are early rises and it won’t be horribly loud when I wake up (but by that I mean I won’t be making all the noise).

“two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled” – Robert Frost

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