One Donkey Town

September 19th

I think the anticipation on sleeping in is making getting up each morning harder. I got a slow start this am trying to be quiet since the other were not getting up but I think I ended up making just as much noise. Once I was packed I couldn’t figure out how to get out the way we came in the gates were closed and I couldn’t see a man door so I went to go through reception to the patio were some people were coming in but it was locked. So back to the gate and I try the latch the gate swings open and I’m off. Except the route out of town is confusing.

The walk is uneventful until we had to select a route for the next two days. I could see the alternative clearly. Without the sun my path was a bit difficult but once I found it I made good time. I hit the halfway point at nine took a long detour through ‘town’ by accident and made it to El Burgo de Ranero by 11. At the hostel the guy was still cleaning from the previous pilgrims and was confused why I was stopping.

I could have chosen to do an extra 12 km to Religio with 30 km left to Leon but I didn’t want to get to Leon on Sunday plus I had reservations for Monday so I got here early will do 25 km tomorrow and 13 km to Leon on Monday.

I was one of the first to get here today so I got to experience rural Spain. This is a one donkey town. Literally. He was tied up outside one of the bars. This town is such a contrast of old and new homes some modern some falling down right next to each other. and the streets are cars, people, pets, and tractors.

I spent a few hours observing before everyone else came in. Once they started arriving all the albergues filled very fast. With many forced to move on.

I had lunch with Thomas when he arrived and walked around with him more. The Canadians and UK group are both at my hostel so I’m glad people I know showed up was a bit nervous it was going to be alone today. Oh, and I got conditioner today to spoil myself. I miss it so much how have I survived without it.

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