Pit Stops

I had a wonderful sleep in till 830 today and didn’t even get out of bed till after 9. I got dressed and went to the Leon interpretation centre, the Leon museum, the palace de conde Luna and the Panadores hotel/convent. I looked around the last one although I don’t think I was supposed to be looking around the hotel section which was rather cool as far as architecture. Sadly all but one of the museums were in Spanish so it was hard to engage.

I could have easily seen it all yesterday and carried on today but I have to keep reminding myself that today was meant for a rest day. Leon was just a good occasion. Looking ahead the guidebook I’m sure I’ll appreciate the rest given we have the highest peak and 4 days and the steepest climb just after I figure I won’t be getting in till very late those days. hopefully accommodation won’t be an issue.

I think I’ll be in Saria in a week which marks the last 100 km. Hard to imagine were nearly done (although lots of hard work ahead) just need to focus on the day ahead and not stress over the days beyond. It would be nice to have the usual people around for support but I suppose I’ll meet new ones.

Tomorrow is meant to be 20 km but I think I’ll push ahead another 5 km meaning 2 25 km days instead of 30 km into Astorga so I have more time to see the cathedral and Gaudi’s building which is a museum to the cathedral.

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