The Rain in Spain…

September 16th

Had a decent sleep but woke up to the rain a few times. I was absolutely not motivated to move to delayed leaving to go with Sasha and her mom. I think I slowed them down especially on the hill but we still made good time. The rain had us soaked in minutes including our boots. At the first town I really wanted to get a ride to the end. I was cold tired and sore. Also my phone got completely drenched so I don’t know if that still works. They convinced me to keep going and just as we thought we dried out it rained again. The wind never let up all day and we were walking into it.

My left foot is still causing problems but wasn’t as bad today. Thankfully we had sent our bags ahead to Fromista so we had some dry stuff when we got here. We have no idea how our boots will dry by tomorrow. It’s meant to be a shorter day tomorrow which is good and relatively flat. I do need to get rice tonight to attempt to salvage my phone when I put the battery in it makes a high pitch static sound.

The blister on my heal from before the hike still hasn’t healed so I’m going to leave the compeed off for now and I have polysporen on it which may or may not help. Had a nice nap but woke up freezing. had to put my wet pants and shoes on to get to the supermarket thankfully my jacket had dried. It was an exceptionally cold walk. The rain had stopped but the wind was as strong as ever.

I checked my boots and they are still soaked so looks like wet feet tomorrow but it’s only 19 km. I got rice so my phone is sitting in a massive pile of rice. I hope it works at least enough to finish the trip. I’d miss my books and the internet. At least phones are cheaper in the UK. I’m relieved I backed up my photos in Burgos although the past 3 days are not but I didn’t take too many. I’ll have to keep my camera accessible. I’ll need to email mom tonight since last she heard was me messaging about a storm this am so she may be worrying. I’ll need to charge my ipod regularly since I’m using it for sleep and afternoons now not just walking. I even picked up stuff for lunch tomorrow since its short and I can walked faster on the Meseta (but so can everyone else) and the adage ‘the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains’ wasn’t kidding. it’s been accurate everyday so far just not with today’s intensity.

Went to the church to see a free concert from a local artist with an instrument he made. we then had dinner before heading back tot he Refugio. I dried my phone but it still screeched and wouldn’t get past the loading screen. I used Sasha’s phone to message mom. Losing my phone is a huge morale loss that had all my books and contact to anyone I know. It’s going to make the 2nd half of the Camino very difficult. I won’t be able to replace it until I get back in the UK. I’m leaving it in rice overnight and tomorrow but I think it was wet for too long and there’s nothing I can do now this is going tot make things very difficult.

“To win any battle, you must fight as if you are already dead” – Miyamoto Musashi

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