When the Clouds Role In

September 15th

The guy in the bunk below me snored so loud I could hardly sleep. it was a series of grunts and groans and he shifted and shock the bed so often. I got started a few minutes late since no one else in the room was waking up and I was trying to be quiet but today’s road was in good condition and gentle hills so I made really good time.

I felt like me again.

I took a couple short breaks to take my pack off but by late morning it had started to lightly rain (getting heavier). I made it to Castrojeriz by 12 but couldn’t find the municipal so I was searching for 1.2 hours before finally finding where I had walked past several times.

Sasha and her mom and the Canadians are here, but so is the snorer from last night. I have a nice hot shower and did some hand washing. They have a  centrifuge dryer which is genius so everything will be dry soon. I curled up into my sleeping bag to read and was so cold I did it all the way up to my face and had a nice nap. Now I’m starving and I need to go get food and an ATM.

ATM found but nothing for food. Still raining so I came back to the Refugio (nothing looked appetising). I decided to eat out with Sasha and her mom which was amazing. Unfortunately, pilgrim meals are served late. So everyone was in be with lights out an hour early which made getting ready for tomorrow difficult.

We are supposed to have awful weather tomorrow all wind and rain which I’m dreading. might go to the next town in 10 km and end up getting a taxi to the end since late morning early afternoon is supposed to be the worst of it.

We have a steep up and down in the am which might be enough for my feet tomorrow. I think I’ve decided a day off in Leon though so I can sleep in. I think half my issue is a lack of energy which is making me cranky and unmotivated but we are two weeks in 3 more to go.

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