But I Won’t Fall

September 26th

Made it back up the hill to the cross in the dark (as predicted) and walked through the town which has a population of 1. I walked through the mountains to the sound track of cows. Somehow I missed the start of the trail for the detour to the highest peak so I made my own path to the train for amazing views and sense of accomplishment.

I don’t think many people knew the peak was on a detour because I saw no one else come up but a bunch passed below. The decent was long and painful. Loose rocks over jagged mountain. I lost feeling in my toes and the rest was pain. The towns we passed were beautiful with a lot of character.

I got to Molinaseca which was gorgeous by the river and decided to rest and push on to Ponferrada which was long and tiring but I got to visit the Templar castle with library and pet up with Sasha and her mom and dad (who had just joined). They bought my lunch so I owe them some drinks in return. Today sapped my energy so early to bed and extra water. long day tomorrow but relatively flat. Hoping to push ahead again because the day after is the steepest climb and meant to be 30 km and I’m extremely nervous and dreading it. I know it is going to be exceptionally hard trying not to overthink it but it’s stuck on my mind.

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