Cruz de Ferro

September 25th

Had an awful sleep. I kept rolling to the edge of the bed. I couldn’t fix the slant. My new sleeping bag was really comfortable though. There were stops regularly today which made it mentally easier to push through but once the sun came out it sapped our energy along with the constant uphill although it was mainly gradual.

I got to Rabanal ready to stop (it was the end stage) as I was out of water and light headed but an Albergue hospitaliere let me in for water and I decided to continue with regular breaks. The path got much steeper and the sun was stronger but I finally made it and got a nice bed.

I had intended to nap today but with the extra distance and day chores I was a little too late plus Sasha and Stephanie came by to take me to the iron cross which we are meant to pass tomorrow however they reminded me it will be dark tomorrow.So we went 2.2 km up the mountain to the highest peak of the Camino and laid our rock.

I came back to town grabbed some food and will hopefully eat read and sleep early. We have a steep descent after the cross tomorrow and it may take awhile.

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