Give Me the World

October 5th

I slept till almost 9 am got up and went to Pilgrim office for personalized credential and went to Correos for my forwarded package and stamps. all in the pouring rain. I got Shampoo and Conditioner on the way back which I used gloriously this afternoon. I went back out to attend mass again but they didn’t do the Fumiere today. Found Sasha and Family and went for lunch before doing the cathedral museum tour after I came back to the hotel to book my flight (from Barcelona) but still need train tickets and finished all my postcards and washed my hair!

Went back out around 8 to meet everyone for drinks (but not like last night) and got to see a bunch of people who I started with but had got ahead and have returned from Finnistre. Chris Liza and I are going to take the bus tomorrow so I can’t sleep in but I might get the hotel breakfast if I’m awake in time.

The concierge definitely remembers my drunk entrance last night since he smirked and knew who I was when I went to pick up my key.

I’m in for a 12-hour train ride on Wednesday so here hoping my phone battery lasts. It really weird to say goodbye to people it feels like I’m going to see them again but sadly most I never will.

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