Hike and be Happy

October 1st

The new tend is for people to sleep in and wait for the sun which is frustrating since I still get up at 6 am and I have to be impossibly quiet. A bunch of us missed a country path and took an accidental detour before having to follow the highway back to where our trail was meant to intersect so we lost a bunch of time and added about 3 km.

For a long time I didn’t think I’d make my goal and was really discouraged I wouldn’t be able to make it to Santiago Sunday (a day early) as I had worked at yesterday. But I kept moving at a slow relaxed but steady pace taking no breaks and I made good time. It helped we had fog cover later in the day so what started as numbing weather blocked the sun but it only took 10 min for it to clear and the full heat came in.

I made it too Ventas De Noran and I really debated going further feeling like I hadn’t done enough but I finally sat for a break at the albergue and reevaluated and I am still easily on schedule for Sunday and I am ahead of everyone else today. Tonight calls for reading and early bed probably right after this. Pilgrim dinners are served to late and too long for me so I think I’ve had my last until Santiago.

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