October 4th

Okay Writing Drunk.

I made it in at 11 and didn’t know my left from my right so I tried to find my hotel and turns out to be in the complete wrong direction so I found Sasha and family and Anne. We attended mass after and found where to take my bag so we got separated but it was hard to follow until the Botafumeiro. After I got my Compostella. Thankfully it had stopped raining. I checked into my hotel and had a hot shower before going out to explore. After seeing everyone and having dinner we went for drinks that got us pretty drunk as my blurry pictures will reflect as well as my writing. Currently, Maud and Chris left early as there Albergue closed but Liza Sasha Thomas and I stayed out and I had a good time. I’m sure we may feel different tomorrow. Hopefully, we can repeat tomorrow. I’m sure all of this is illegible.

I moved to the toilet in case (which proved necessary 2 seconds late) I guess 780 km plus not drinking all summer really lower your tolerance. Although I still say I’d do it again. Hopefully, everyone made it home okay again.

so back to this

It was confusing getting out of O’Pedrouzo but a Spanish couple left same time I did and helped with directions but got annoying really quick so that when I see him in Santiago I pretend I never let him. Rude I know. Since reaching Santiago I’ve seen everyone but the Canadian group I saw every morning except since I stopped in Leon.

Tomorrow I need to get stamps pick up my forwarded package go to a supermarket and book flights and particularly train. lets see how I feel first.

Yesterday Tomorrow

The Beginning


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