Last Legs

October 2nd

Early Start again but I didn’t get lost so I made good progress all day. The walk into Palais Real was quick but I’m glad I stopped when I did yesterday. I met a couple German girls that I’d had roomed with before and walked a few km with them which was nice. There was more uphill than I anticipated but I still made it in just after 1. I rushed out to the supermarket which turns out is open all day but I had a couple ready made salads some orange juice yoghurt as well as some snacks.

I also had to use a communal style showers. There were short dividers between the shower heads but no curtain so I took the end one and pulled up a chair in front never want to do that again. I also only have 50 km to go till Santiago!

So I need to look up where I’ll stop tomorrow hopefully get 30 km in so Sunday is a bit shorter. It wold be cool to go to the Sunday pilgrims mass but will depend on when I get started and how far I walk tomorrow. If not I’ll go Monday before or after getting my Compostella.

Tomorrow will be long around 35 km but that makes 20 km into Santiago. Hopefully, the people I started with are still there since they probably got ahead like I did and will get there tomorrow.

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