On The Road Again

September 23rd

Woke up early today nervous about starting again with a new set of people but got up and out and walked back to the Paradores Hotel to cross the bridge and start the long walk through the suburbs. Not long into the day Christian caught up to me (he had taken a day off for bad blisters) and we walked together until halfway through the day which made the morning go by really quick. We took a quick break for breakfast at a bench with a danish girl. Chris went on ahead and I walked with her chatting to the end stage where her friend was waiting, they had both decided to go one town further today so I want to San Martin de Camino (?) together and checked into the Albergue.

I am now realizing I may have too hastily left my sleeping bag behind (i have a cotton liner) as I am probably going to be very cold at night. This place has blankets so I’ll be ok tonight but my sleeping bag was the biggest thing I had and was a fair amount of weight. I can always wear pants to bed and my jacket.

23km to Astorga tomorrow although I doubt I’ll be walking with anyone so it won’t pass as quickly as today. I’m getting a bit nervous about the 2 main climbs coming up. I now I’ve really improved since St Jean but the 11 hours I took is nagging me since beds are more limited. I am considering sending my bag forward for the 2 steep climbs but I’ll have to find out if there is anyone who does it past Leon. I worked ou that I should be in Santiago on October 5th and I still need to decide if I’m walking or taking the bus to Finnistre. it would be really nice to be back in London for Thanksgiving.

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