Over The Mountains…Through The Woods

September 29th

I almost got lost this am but thankfully I waited at an unmarked fork and made my way up the rest of the steep climb to O’Cebrero only to actually get lost trying to find my way out and continue climbing even though we were supposed to be at the peak already.

The next 7 km were also uphill. I was not amused. All my pains started to come back and I have up on what the guidebook had to say since it all seemed to be wrong. Once we finally got the downhill we were expecting the views and the trail was beautiful.

I had another run in with Cows being herded but on a narrow path and these ones didn’t want to go around so I was stuck dodging cows but somehow it lifted my mood. Finally got to Triacastela and so far I’m the only one in the room (likely to change) Sasha and Jacs and I played some go fish before heading back to catch up on postcards (note to self: get more stamps) and read before bed.

We reach Sarria tomorrow which is the last place to join the Camino and still get a Compestella so things will be getting busy. We are planning on stopping after Sarria. We also need to get 2 stamps a day from now on.

At 930 people showed up and proceeded to do yoga before unpacking.

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