Take To The Trails

September 27th

The Hospitaliero woke everyone up this am with singing and switching the lights on which made leaving easier for me since I didn’t have to try and be quiet. the route out of town was a bunch of zig zags before finding the straight stretch through the small country towns.

I took my jacket off early because it was so warm but the fog in the country got rather chilly which motivated me to move faster. Sasha Stephanie and Steve caught up to me mid day and walked with me for the rest which was motivating because the sun was really tiring.

I had planned an extra 5 km today past Villafranca Del Bierzo but the town looked so nice. Nothing would be open on a Sunday when I arrived and the sun was out in full force so I stopped here.

Finally managed to get my phone data sorted. I hope tomorrow is going to be rough but I might stop in the town before the peak and make tomorrow 25 km and the day after 25 km instead of 21. I’ll have to sort out getting my bag sent forward tonight because I don’t stand a chance with it. Should also try to leave early because once the sun is up I’ll be done. Worst case we have regular towns and there are taxis.

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