Visiting Gaudi

September 24th

Woke up and got out of the Albergue in record time, under 15 min. I helps that the place had run out of toilet paper the night before.  I made good morning progress before the sun came out but soon tired and was just ready to be in Astorga.


Finally got there and found Sasha and Stephanie so went to the Albergue they were moving to the (spent the previous night in a hotel). After checking in getting a bed and showering I was told I was too young to have a regular room and was moved to the attic. Where the irony that I am ready harry potter became very evident. This annoyed me for the rest of the day. Mainly because there were near empty when I arrived and there were people younger than me on the ground floor not told to move.


I went to the Gaudi palace with Stephanie and Sasha and then had a picnic in the park before going to the cathedral which we all agreed didn’t mesh, to many conflicting styles. I went to the supermarket for lunch and bought a new compact sleeping bag. I joined the others at the Gaudi hotel for a pilgrims dinner which was quite fancy. Dinner went late so I didn’t get back until 10 only to find out my bed is sloped.

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