Begin Again

After a long train ride across Spain (literally 12 hours to completely undo the past month of hiking) I arrived in Barcelona found a hostel and intended to sleep. My bunk mates had different plans. After convincing me to join their mates in the Lounge where they were pregaming I managed to talk my way out of a night out partying and headed for bed. The next morning I made my way to the airport and boarded my plane back to the UK to begin my Working Holiday Visa.

Once I arrived back in London I still only had my hiking gear so I ‘made camp’ near London bridge so I could easily get a train to Seven Oaks whenever Helen would be available to get the rest of my stuff. Thankfully that was only a couple days. I brought most of my stuff to a storage unit near the Britbound -> base and changed out my hiking gear for regular people clothing and my computer (oh how I missed thee).

This time I made camp in Camden and immediately contracted the worst cold known to man. Turns out this is quite common after a long distance hike

As I had hoped I made it back to London for Thanksgiving and joined a bunch of Britbounders for dinner at the Maple Leaf -> in Covent Garden. Conveniently I also met a bunch of the people I would be travelling to Paris with next week.


October 24th

Siobhan from my undergrad moved to the UK for her MA so we met up and explored the Camden Markets -> and Regents Park ->

October 29th

Harry Potter Studio Tour ->

While this was not my first visit to the Lot it had been a few years so while the big sets were seared into my memory it’s the details which make the story and the visuals so special. Also this visit was the Dark Arts event ->.

Camino De Santiago November



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