If You Desire Peace, Cultivate Justice

For 20 pound round trip (thank you Ryan Air ->), I couldn’t resist these tickets and booked the flights at work. I’ve been to Norway before but never to Olso -> (outside the airport anyway) so I was excited to see the city.

January 23rd

Straight from the Aiport I walked around the city centre, got my barrings and planned the rest of my day. After trudging through snow (wow did I not miss that) I dropped my bag off at the hostel and walked back down to the waterfront and saw the opera house ->.  I then circled around to the Akershus Castle -> and went in for a visit. and then walked back into the city centre to explore more.

January 24th

To make the most of my visit and the time that I had I booked a bus tour -> around Olso. We started with a walking tour of The Vigeland Park ->, the largest sculpture park made by a single artist, before reboarding the bus and warming up before our next stop.

Our Next Stop was at the Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower -> with breathtaking views. the best part was that people were practising so after braving our way onto the bleachers we were able to watch the jumpers.

Coming back down we visited Bygdøy -> which is the Oslo equivalent of Berlin’s Museum Island. First stop: Viking Ship Museum -> which displays 3 excavated Viking ships and their contents.

Next up was the Fram Museum -> which houses the Fram which has made expeditions to both the North and the  South Pole.

And finally to the Kon-TikiMuseum -> which houses vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition.

I was meant to fly out bright and early Monday morning and make it too work for 12 pm.  But Ryan Air had other plans and our flight was delayed last minute for 5 hours.

January  Belfast  February


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