Show Me The Magic

Day 1

Our BritBound -> group gathered at St. Pancras -> too early to mention and eagerly waited for the Eurostar -> to Paris -> to board (mainly because that means we could catch a bit more sleep)

Our first stop was the Hostel to drop off our bags and we immediately headed out to see the sights. Only two of us had ever been to Paris before but the anticipation of exploring was still very real.

We made our way to the Arc De Triumph -> and had a mandatory photo stop. We headed down the Champs D’Elysee -> before realising that their intended destination was in the opposite direction. Long story short we made an arc back to the Eiffel Tower -> past the Invalides ->.  One of our group made the mistake of talking to a peddler and we had to rescue him. After exploring the base of the tower we made our way back to the Champs D’elysee to regroup and grab some food. (hello french onion soup)

Day 2


Yes, this will be my fourth visit to Disney but my first to Disney Land Paris -> and I am every bit as excited as if it were my first.

We were up bright and early to catch the train to the front gates of Disney.  We Started with the Disneyland Park and headed straight for Sleeping Beauty Castle (more photos). Despite the rain, we still went straight for the rides and hit all the favourites.

We made our way to the Walt Disney Studios Park and again rode all the rides. The rugby quarter-finals were on so a bunch of people headed back to catch that but the rest of us stayed for the parades, dinner and the fireworks.

Day 3

This Morning started at Notre Dame -> before a long stroll to the Louvre ->  (where a different person yelled at a peddler). Although I desperately want to spend a full day int he louvre we did not go in this time and instead made my way back to the Eiffel Tower so I could finally climb it. Only two of us made it all the way to the top which although freezing was worth it.

Later that day we caught the Eurostar home where we were delayed 3 hours because there were refugees on the track in the chunnel.

October November



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