We’re All Mad Here

Remember Remember the Fifth of November. This year I celebrated twice. First with a  bunch of my hostel mates on primrose Hill with a view across London and again with Britbound  -> in Bishops Park ->


This month started out with a new job so I’m pretty thrilled to have an income again.

November 14th I took a day trip to Oxford.

November 24th

A group of Britbounders went to a production of the Book of Mormon -> at the Prince of Wales Theatre. So it was pretty much a full night of laughter.


November 27th

Kew Gardens -> – Christmas at Kew ->. Kew Gardens were lit for Christmas, some with regular lights and others with whole displays. I also went to the Syon Park Enchanted Woodland -> but for some reason, I cannot find any of the pictures (which is actually beyond frustrating and I’m now doubting if I actually did go? Even though I have the ticket).

November 28th I took a day trip to Cambridge.

November 29th.

To make the most of the weekend I went to the British Library -> for the firs time and visited the  Alice in Wonderland -> exhibition which celebrates 150 years of its publication. Aside from the exhibit this was a pretty nerdy visit because I kept getting distracted by all the pretty books (sadly I couldn’t actually go into any of the reading rooms)

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