Year Of The Monkey

February was a bit of a write-off adventure wise (turns out I’m a bit of a workaholic). Valentines was a peak period for my work so I took all the extra overtime available and basically lived at my desk (exciting, I know). But by the end of the month things calmed down again and I managed to get a few things in, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

February 6th

V&A Bejewelled Treasures -> Spectacular objects, drawn from a single private collection, exploring the broad themes of tradition and modernity in Indian jewellery.

Science Museum: Churchills Scientists -> Marking the 50th anniversary of his death, Churchill’s Scientists tells the little-known story of how Churchill’s fascination with science led to the scientific achievements that helped Britain win the Second World War.

Natural History Museum:

Other Worlds -> Embark on a journey through space with this photographic exhibition by Michael Benson, featuring original music by Brian Eno.

Wild Life Photographer of the Year -> The acclaimed Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition premieres at London’s Natural History Museum each year before touring more than 60 cities in the UK and across the world. It showcases the award-winning images, bringing the talent and vision of each photographer to all who visit.

Tate Britain: Artist and Empire -> The show raises questions about ownership, authorship and how the value and meanings of these diverse objects have changed through history, it also asks what they still mean to us today.

February 26th

I visited the science museum to see their exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci -The Mechanics of Genius (->). This exhibition explored the engineering side of the artist and his innovations.

February 27th

Emma and I went to Chiswick House -> to see their Magical Lantern Festival -> – See Life Illuminated. Although it sounds quite similar to the Kew event I went to earlier this winter this festival celebrates the Chinese New Year.

February 28th

Crime Museum Uncovered ->. This is an exhibition hosted by the Museum of London which displays the never before publically viewed. This is a collection of evidence and criminal tales which was created in 1875.

I also saw their exhibition Tattoo London ->

January  March


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