Dividing Continents

March 12

First step. PADI Scuba Open Water Certification -> from the London School of Diving ->. After doing all the online prep course work and tests, day one was pool work.And a 200m swim test. So, not my forte. But surprisingly I was by far not the last one to finish and I kicked ass on the tread water test (everyone else just floated on their backs).

March 15-18th I went to Dublin

March 19th &20th

I finished my Open Water Dive Course & Dry Suit Speciality. I never thought I would willingly climb into a London Lake just outside Heathrow, in March. yet, I jumped (so to speak)


So why did I do this? Well Iceland is my favourite place in the world and it a long-standing goal of mine to dive the continental rift in Iceland which requires Padi Open water and Dry suit. Now I just need to get back to Iceland 🙂

March  Dublin  April


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