May Flowers

So turned out May was the month of day trips

May 1st

The month started off with a rather long day trip to the Isle of Wight -> & Osborne House ->

May 2nd

and continued with a trip to Audley End Hous-> and the Grand Victorian Travelling Show ->

May 7th

Emma and I took a day trip to Dover ->

May 8th

Burghley House -> and Gardens & Stamford Town Centre ->

May 14th

International Student Fair -> – so looks like I might be applying to attend another MA program (because why not?). turns out in all the books I have been collecting this year I have come across a Masters programme that looks absolutely amazing: Country Houses (art, History, and Literature)

May 21st

There is no better motivator than exhibits near closing or newly opening. So I made a day out of the British Museum and visited two of their exhibitions:

Sicily: Culture and Conquest -> – The largest island in the Mediterranean. The home of Mount Etna. A cultural centre of the ancient and medieval world.

Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Cities -> – Submerged under the sea for over a thousand years, two lost cities of ancient Egypt were recently rediscovered. Their story is told for the first time in this blockbuster exhibition.

May 28th

And yet again another day trip – Chatsworth ->

May 29th

A quick stop in York and off to Castle Howard ->

May 30th

And to round it out a return visit to an old favourite  – Blenheim Palace ->

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