But When The Dawn Comes Up

May 7th

I had been through Dover -> port on a few occasions, however, I have never been into the city. After two trains and a quick change Emma and I were in Dover and making our way up the Western Heights ->.

The Western Heights are a series of fortifications and battery. The walk was well worth the sites and the views both of tea city and of the cliffs. we also made a slight detour to visit the site of the ruins of a Templar church ->.

After a brief stop in town, we hailed a taxi up to Dover Castle ->. The site gives a great contrast between the medieval and the modern. The wartime tunnels were one the best immersive experiences I have encountered. I’d suggest people do this last because the rest of the site is ill equipt to compete.

May Osborne House Audley End Burghley House Chatsworth Castle Howard Blenheim Palace June


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