At that moment she felt that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!

May 28th

Today I came to the peak district to visit Chatsworth ->, home of the Devonshires. I was only able to experience the peak district on the bus from Sheffield but I can say I saw enough to know I want to see more.

The Devonshire’s have a pretty interesting history which made visiting the house even more exciting. Upon arrival I listened to a short welcome lecture before remembered there was a tour I was intending to take which allowed entry into the theatre.  The great thing about Chatsworth and their tours is that they will allow you to re-enter the house and go through at your own pace (and take all the pictures).

Becuase of school holidays, it was a little crowded but it also gave me the added bonus of the Emperor fountain being turned up. The emperor fountain is gravity fed and once held the record at 300ft. it is now normally maintained at 40ft, however, the day I was visiting it was turned up to 100ft.

Words really don’t do justice to Chatsworth and you can easily see why it is regarded as one of the greatest country houses historically and in modern visiting. So I’ll leave you with a  few more picture and hopefully entice you into you visiting.

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