We possess nothing certainly except the past

May 29th

Castle Howard -> on a Sunday via public transit is not the easiest place to get to from London. 100% today’s agenda was dictated by transit scheduling. After a not too pleasant early morning train ride to York, I was then faced with an awkward break until a bus wold come and take me to castle Howard. this was saved by the fact that I was in York and while I have been before it was a few years ago so it was actually rather pleasant to explore the streets again (even though everything was closed).

So eventually the bus came and turns out there were a fair few of us waiting to get to castle Howard. turns out even more drove. yet somehow it never felt busy or crowded (except maybe the tea room). I started my day exploring eh gardens and the grounds which were beautifully landscaped and I feel in love with the Atlas Fountain and views of the mausoleum from the Temple of the Four Winds.

And then I went inside. The great hall and dome were stunning. But compared to the landscapes and exterior I was left wanting.

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