Perfectly normal, thank you very much.

I have officially decided to pursue the MA in Country Houses -> and have spent a ridiculous amount of time talking to all departments of the university ensuring I can study on my current visa and that I conform to the UK’s academic progression laws (I have never had an email chain so long). It is confirmed I can take/apply for the program and submit my dissertation from Canada. Now to contact my previous lecturers for references and write that pesky personal statement.

This decision, however, puts a damper on my travelling. If I get accepted I will have to pay tuition out of pocket since I’m not a full resident of either country and do not have access to funding. So time to start hoarding money like it’s my day job.

But I can still get up to a few fun things.

June 4th

I started the month out with an old favourite with a new twist. Number 4 Privet Drive -> is open for the first time to the public at Harry Potter Studio Tours and I am going!

June 18th

After securing my ticket 7 months ago I finally get to attend Royal Ascot -> Race Days with Britbound ->.

And I have a surprise for you: June 20th – July 7th am home for a friends wedding. I have the privilege of witnessing their engagement at Disney World (->) almost 2 years ago and now I’m even more excited to be part of their happy day! – I will also be home for my birthday 🙂

May Royal Ascot July




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