Hats Off To The Races

We’re off to the races!

My morning started bright and early at 6:30 drinking champagne and getting dressed up for the Royal Ascot Races ->. For anyone who knows me, that’s a rarity and I owe it all to Sarah who consulted on basically every decision.

So one bottle down and I’m off to the Britbound -> base to meet everyone else and board our coaches.

Queue the least classy event of the day. With all the prosecco everyone drank in the morning and the lack of bathroom facilities on the coach we were then travelling with a few bottles of urine. Ladies were not so lucky and a couple darted off the coach in a traffic jam to try and a hedge (no such luck). Once we finally arrived at our parking space I have never seen so many girls waddle run in heels over grass to use portable toilets.

Now the real events begin. We started our day off with more prosecco and lunch served by Britbound. I will say I was impressed that they attempted to serve in flutes but we quickly dissolved into drinking straight from the bottle (I mentioned classy right?)

Then we saw the queen. Our parking area was right beside her procession into the race grounds so we lined the fences and had a front row view of the queen.

I joined Emma and a few of her friends in the grounds, bets were placed, and we moved our way to the front lines to get a view of the last corner.

One the way home everyone seemed to learn their lesson about using bathrooms before coaches, however, a few still drank a bit too much for a moving vehicle.

Our day ended at Belushi’s -> in Hammersmith (my old home sweet home).

June July



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