Well, sometimes I go out by myself

September brought alot of changes.

September 2nd

I quite my job in the first week (no surprise since I am moving). My last two weeks were a bit hectic since I was managing two regions instead of my usual one. It was a good challenge. This also meant work drinks. which may not have been the smartest plan since I had planned to spend the next day visiting three house museums (that is not how my day ended up)

September 3rd

I woke up feeling like hell but pulled myself together and made my way to the Leighton House Museum ->. I had seen a ton of advertisements on the underground and I finally decided to follow through and go. About midway through the visit, I realised I was in fact still drunk from last night and my focus quickly shifted from “ooh isn’t this pretty” to “please do not throw up in this house.” I was making an attempt to get to the next stop of the day when it became abundantly clear that the hangover was taking full effect so I did a quick about face and headed straight home to bed. I needed to sleep off this hangover because my dad is coming to visit tomorrow!

September 4th – 14th Dad’s Visit

After dropping dad off at the airport I headed straight to Leicester to finish the move and begin unpacking. my first week in Leicester was pretty uneventful. It mainly consisted of job hunting and binge watching Downton Abbey.

International Welcome week

I was lucky enough on the first day of events to meet 3 amazing people who helped make Leicester feel like home. We spent the first week meeting new people and attending school events including Bandoeke (karaoke with a live band).

As everyone else started their programmes and I waited for mine to begin I accepted a job offer which starts next month.

August Dad’s Visit October




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