Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.

Brace yourselves for a military theme

September 4th

Bright and early I was off to the airport to meet my Dad! Our mission for the day was to beat jet lag.  Like a champ my dad powered through a full day of sites.

First up: The Imperial War Museum ->. Although we have both been a few times Dad had not yet seen the remodel and he always appreciates the variety of planes and vehicles on display. We followed this up with a visit to the National Maritime Museum -> and a walk through the Royal Naval College -> to see the Painted Hall ->.  This was also the fist time I had been back to Greenwich since my first MA when we did a project with the NMM. We moved back to central London and stopped at the HMS Belfast -> and got to explore more of the ship than I thought access would allow. We ended the day by walking over Tower Bridge -> and ate Sunday Roast in Hammersmith.

September 5th

Our morning started at the Royal Airforce Museum -> in Hendon where my dad was rather impressive with his knowledge of all the planes (I stopped reading the test panels because he already knew it all). at our next stop, St Pauls Cathedral ->, a trend emerged: yesterday we saw the jacket Nelson was wearing when he was shot, today we visited his Tomb. We continued by going to the British Museum -> and hitting the highlights and a few exhibits before walking to Covent Garden -> and the markets. We walked to the Sherlock Holmes Pub -> for dinner before ending our night at green park visiting the Canada Memorial -> and Bomber Command Memorial -> and an evening viewing of Buckingham Palace ->.

September 6th

I’m pretty sure today was the highlight of my dad’s visit for him. We went to the NRA Bisley Range -> and got to walk the grounds and had a guided visit of the museum and even got to see a bit of the archive.

September 7th

Portsmouth ->.we had a long day in store for us. after arriving in Portsmouth our first stop was to leave Portsmouth. we caught a ferry across the bay to Gosport -> to visit the Explosion! Museum ->.  continuing this trend our second stop was in Southsea -> for the Royal Marines Museum ->.  We finally made our way back into Portsmouth to the Dockyards-> for the Royal Navy Museum -> and the HMS Victory ->, Nelson ship and where he died (see the trend?). We had our mandatory Fish and Chips on the waterfront before taking a walk down the coastline past memorials before catching our train back.

Sept 8th-10th We visited our Family friends were dad got to use a Spitfire simulator and Visit the Halifax bomber memorial.

September 11th

We started at the Science Museum -> which turned out to be a bigger hit than I expected. (but then again I should have expected it) Taking advantage of the proximity we stopped at the Natural History Museum -> and V&A ->. We headed over to the Household Cavalry Museum -> where we caught a section of the Tour of Britain -> bike race and the Inspection of the Guard ->. After fighting our way around the bike race we went back to the Sherlock Holmes pub and had dinner.

September 12th

Moving Day. My Dad was a complete legend and helped me move all my stuff  (aka books) into my new place in Leicester (1 year later and I finally have a room to myself!). I also got to show my Dad around campus and Leicester.

September 13th

Today is my last full day with my dad. We visited the John Soane Museum -> (which I had attempted to visit on my ill-fated post drinks adventure). We then walked over to the Silver Vaults ->. Our next stop was the London Bridge Exhibition and Pump Rooms ->. We rounded out the day with the Museum of London -> and the Fire! Fire! Fire of London Exhibition ->.We took a Routemaster 15 to Trafalgar and had dinner at (you guessed it) the Sherlock Holmes Pub.

September 14th

Today I had to say goodbye to my Dad and leave him at the Airport while I headed to Leicester to move in

September October





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