A Controversial King

I am now officially a student, fully enrolled and starting classes. Unfortunately, this has also meant having to miss a friend’s wedding. I also had my first day of work.

Being a student again also means study visits. October 15th we went to Hardwick Hall ->

Most of the month revolved around school and my new sleep schedule which requires me to wake up at 5:30am.  Most of my free time was spent on campus at the library or in the SU with Tori.

October 20th we visited the Richard III Visitor Centre -> and saw the site where King Richard III was found under a car park and the New Walk Museum ->. Sadly this weekend we also said goodbye to Tori before she heads back to NY.

October 27th we had a second site visit at the Fitzwilliam  Museum -> in Cambridge. I took a train to Kettering where I met a friend and we drove the rest of the way. A few traffic delays later and we arrived. We were lucky enough to have had a special lecture arranged with an expert in Dutch art.

October 29 Was Halloween movie night

October 30th We attended the Diwali Light Festival and Fireworks ->.

September  Hardwick Hall November



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